1948: Reinhold Eggers founded a factory for the production of electrical components in the Upper Swabian town of Dürmentingen. In the early years, the focus was on the repair of defective bulbs.

1953: The first phase of the still existing company building in Dürmentingen, Burgau was completed. In the same year the company's restructuring took place in the production of incandescent filaments and special light bulbs.

1958: Due to the continued success, a second phase of construction to extend the company building was undertaken. In order to meet the requirements of highly specialised applications, we started to build or modify production facilities ourselves.

1968: Special machine building was expanded parallel to the production of incandescent filaments and the company building was expanded in its third construction phase. At that time 27 people were employed.

1975: The production of X-ray cathodes was started.

1980: With the steady growth of incandescent filament production and special machine building, further enlargement of the production area was necessary. Meanwhile most small and large lamp manufacturers in the world were already among the customers of the Upper Swabian company.

1985: A fire destroyed the entire production of the company. Looking back, the repair of the equipment that was required gave the company a very good basis for the future.

1986: The BLV Light and Vacuum Technology company in Steinhöring acquired 60% of the company shares.

1992: A second company, today Eggers Engineering GmbH was founded.

2002: The company founder Reinhold Eggers died at the age of 84.

2005: Medical technology endoscopy wire components were included in the programme.

2013: Ushio Europe took over BLV Light and Vacuum Technology and thus 60% of the shares of Eggers GmbH.

2017: Thomas Eggers, son of company founder Reinhold Eggers, acquires the 60% of Eggers GmbH owned by BLV Light and Vacuum Technology via EBU Holding GmbH. Thus, the Eggers GmbH is again fully family-owned.